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Super-Short Candy Reviews Webpage

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100 Grand

I stumbled on this page today – it’s is a single webpage filled with a bunch of 1-3 sentence candy reviews. Some of them are pretty darn funny. A few examples:

  • Brown & Haley Almond Roca — looks like a cat terd, tastes really nice. the official candy of Roxy Carmichael.
  • Cinn-a-burst — featuring the flavor crystals that make you feel like a babe-magnet.
  • Farley’s Coconut Stacks — finally, a candy that needs a chaser.
  • Juicy Fruit — with the flavor that doesn’t last!

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3 Responses to “Super-Short Candy Reviews Webpage”

  1. 1
    Samuel Methvin says:

    100 Grand with Coconut! I just had one of these about a week ago, a few days after Christmas. While traveling on Chirstmas vacation stopped at a Circle K about 20 minutes west of Atlanta off Hwy 20. After having one of these, I have looked for more from Florida to Maryland and still unable to find anymore. I tried finding some on-line and can’t even find anyone that carrys them and not even one blog open about them. The wrapper said go to and they do not even list the Nestle Crunch with Coconut that I also got. If you like Mounds and 100 Grand, you will absolutely love this new Candy Bar that hopefully will start coming out.

  2. 2
    Mike S. says:

    My sister is a rep for Nestle and she included a 100grand coconut bar in a Christmas gift box for my fiancee’. I ate it as the original 100grand is my favorite candy bar and my fiancee’ is not a coconut fan. Needless to say, I loved it very much and I can’t find them anywhere either. My sister says they are not officially released yet. I hope it’s not a flash in the pan because it’s a great tasting candybar. I want to buy a box of them. …. Mounds has always been one of my favorites and this new 100grand is the best of both worlds.

  3. 3
    Chad M says:

    Yeah! This is the best candy bar I’ve ever tasted! A buddy of mine is a sales rep. for Nestle, and he brought me a few 100 Grands and Crunch Bars with coconut right after Christmas. They were in a generic, blue wrapper, which he said meant they were just prototyped. Just yesterday, he gave me another one (because I can’t stop raving), and the wrapper looked like a regular 100 Grand, but it had the “with Coconut” motif on the right side, which says to me that it’s definately ready for the market.

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