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Candy Review: Meltykiss

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Cocoa Meltykiss

Today’s review covers Meiji Meltykiss. It’s a distinctly Japanese chocolate treat that currently comes in three varieties: Precious Cocoa, Strawberry, and Matcha (Green Tea). One of the few English phrases on the package is the slogan “Gently melts in your mouth like a snowflake”. Each flavor comes in a box of about 15 or so individually wrapped Meltykisses (I forgot to count them before I started tasting).

Each Meltykiss is a small cube – for size reference, the entire cube fits on the face of a U.S. quarter (see picture below) – they are probably just a bit smaller in volume than a Hershey’s Kiss. Inside each cube is a semi-solid center that is covered in a rich dark chocolate and dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder. They are small, cute, and they look very fancy and expensive. So let’s see how they taste….

Precious Cocoa: This is good. It’s very rich and very creamy and it does truly melt in your mouth. The chocolate tastes like dark chocolate only a bit sweeter (but not too sweet). Highly recommended.

Strawberry: Wow – the strawberry taste just explodes in your mouth…it’s like eating a fresh strawberry. I really like the strawberry taste – it even overpowers the chocolate. The chocolate is just a tasty side item that compliments the main dish. Very good – especially if you like strawberry.

Matcha (Green Tea): I have never been a fan of Green Tea and this Meltykiss does nothing to change my mind. This one too is smooth and creamy, but the taste is not something I like. It tastes very natural/earthy. Kinda like the taste and smell of mowing a lawn. It’s not horrible, but it’s not something I would eat again.

So, in summary….Precious Cocoa and Strawberry Meltykiss are both very good. The Matcha (Green Tea) Meltykiss I didn’t care for at all, but if you like green tea, you may like it more than I did.

Meltykiss homepage
Buy Meltykiss at Jlist/Jbox

All 3 Meltykiss - bitten
(click to enlarge)

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10 Responses to “Candy Review: Meltykiss”

  1. 1
    Pinkfin says:

    I am a big fan of the chocolate meltykiss! Im surprised to see it being talked about here because its not common. Awesome :)

    RESPONSE: I know what you mean. The more I eat, the more I like…especially the chocolate ones.

  2. 2
    cybele says:

    I almost bought some when I was at Mitsuwa (the local Japanese grocery chain). I love green tea and green tea flavored stuff, so maybe you should send me any of your leftovers!

  3. 3
    Jorge De La Garza says:

    I’m from Monterrey Mexico, one month ago I was in japan and I buy some of you miltykiss chocolate and those are the must delicious chocolate that I ever savored in my life.
    ¿where can i get more of you chocolate here in mexico.?
    Thankyu very much for your product and congratulations.

    Best Regards.

    RESPONSE: does not sell any candies. You can buy Meltykiss from here
    I’m not sure if they ship to mexico though.

    Good luck!

  4. 4
    Mindy says:

    Where should I buy the Chocolate MeltyKiss if leaving in city of SanJose ( USA)?


    RESPONSE: They are seasonal so I don’t think you can’t even order them online. I don’t know where you could find them in San Jose.

  5. 5
    LucileLucile says:

    I found these in the UK for only 11 american cents!

  6. 6
    captaincookie says:

    i get my Meltykisses from hong kong; so damn delicious XD

  7. 7
    zel says:

    I have the strawberry one and it’s nothing like anything I’ve ever tasted! The strawberry literally BURSTS in your mouth! The chocolate melts all nice & smoothly. I love it!

  8. 8
    Fleet says:

    I just ate one matcha meltykiss for dinner last night and it tasted soooooooooo damn good! *wink*

  9. 9
    Dee says:

    You can buy Meltykiss at your local Asian grocer, or even anime stores.

  10. 10
    Debby says:

    For fans of matcha, I really think Matcha Meltykiss is the best matcha chocolate for the price. So smooth and delicious!

    Not sure why, but they seem to call them “Meltyblend” now.

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