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Space Dust – Sizzling Candy

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Space Dust

I totally forgot about Space Dust til I saw this post by Dan over at A Sampler of Things (which we have mentioned before). I have no firm memories of it, but I do recognize the packages – it came out in the 70s. It was like Pop Rocks only…dustier. I don’t remember Cosmic Candy at all though.

From Nostalgia Central:

Space Dust came in orange or strawberry with a picture of the moon on the front of the packet. Space Dust was almost uncontrollable when combined with Pepsi, Cresta or Coca-Cola. Has been known to explode out of the nose and made a right mess.

Non-candy side note: What is Cresta? from

CRESTA (1960-80s) Best remembered for the ads which far outlasted the drink in public memory. A “cool” polar bear in shades (a cross between the more debonair Glacier Mints bear and Den Hegarty) was sent into paroxysms of ecstasy after one taste of this over-sugary, over-foamy beverage of various flavours. “Rimsky Korsakov! It’s frothy, man!” Not any more, it’s not.

I’ll admit, I have never heard of Cresta before.


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One Response to “Space Dust – Sizzling Candy”

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    Roxanne Eubank says:

    My girlfriend and I were in our 30s when Space Dust came out. We have many great memories of how it fizzed when we took turns pouring it into each others mouths.

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