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“Vegetarian” Candy Contains Beef

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Veggie Beef inYupi Gummi Pizza

In an article in the Mumbai Mirror today, it is noted that “Yupi Gummi Pizza”, which is labelled with a green dot in a square (indicating purely vegetarian contents) actually contains beef-gelatin and is therefore NOT vegetarian.

“I have been buying this product since a long time for my kids and their Gujarati Jain friends just because its wrapper carries the green symbol. I was surprised to see ‘beef-gelatin’ as one of the ingredients mentioned on the pack in very small letters of this candy freely available at stores in the city…” Dalal told Mumbai Mirror.
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This just goes to show you that you can’t trust every label and sticker on food products. Read the ingredients if you have certain things you must avoid. Imagine if a candy said “No Peanuts” and it actually did have peanuts. This could cause death in someone who is allergic to peanuts. Though it probably didn’t cause any deaths, I’m sure the vegetarians that ate this candy are still mighty peeved.

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5 Responses to ““Vegetarian” Candy Contains Beef”

  1. 1
    liz says:

    having beef gelatin doesnt mean that its not vegetarian. it just means that its not vegan.

  2. 2
    Jess says:

    The above mentioned reply is absolutely FALSE! Anything with the word ‘gelatin’ in it, in any form, is not a vegetarian product. Vegetarians do not consume animal products and I’d say something that is scraped out of the hoof of a cow, sheep, or horse is certainly a product that comes from an animal. Dairy is considered a by-product; therefore, people who abstain both from animal products and by-products are vegan.

  3. 3
    esha says:

    Well, I dont mind what it contains! I am addicted to it and just love it!

  4. 4
    janice says:

    The point is not whether you mind. The point is that they are advertising it as vegetarian and it’s not. My daughter is strict vegetarian and was horrified to learn this.

  5. 5
    Eci says:

    I found this out only a little while ago. And I’ve been a vegetarian for nine months it really upset me. I thought gummy bears where my friend :-(

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