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Cool and wacky candy from Japan

Must Be Sexy (gum)

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Must Be Sexy Gum

I have to assume this is another wacky item from Japan. I guess us non-sexy people can’t chew this gum? I’m glad all candy isn’t labelled as “Must Be Sexy” or I would never eat any candy.

UPDATE: A reader has noted that it is probably Thai and not Japanese. Thanks, Hudie!
UPDATE2: Now the person who took the picture says it’s from Israel. Thanks, Jane!
UPDATE3: OK, another reader has said it is Israeli – so let’s go with that :)

“Must Be Sexy” Flickr page


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8 Responses to “Must Be Sexy (gum)”

  1. 1
    hudie says:

    heyy. just a note. I don’t think it’s japanese. probably thai. The words on the package don’t look japanese at all. sorry. just had to comment.

  2. 2
    Jane says:

    This is not the candy form “Japanes” nor from “Thailand”~~~

    This chewing gum is from “Israel”~~
    My Israel friend gave me this~~~I have not try it yet….I will give comment in my Flickr page once I try it….

  3. 3
    al says:

    yes it is israeli- i myself have a pack lying around at home- it tastes rather exotic!

  4. 4
    gabrielle sarah says:

    It is definitely Israel–the company is called “Elite.” They distribute the red and blue bubble gum with the comic about Bubble Joe inside.

  5. 5
    Matt says:

    Yeah im chewing some right now! its israeli and pretty good, wish i could understand hebrew though, i hope it doesnt say something on the box about it being an aphrodesiac…. very strange flavor, maybe like strawberry??? also the gum is pinkish grey

  6. 6
    Orit says:

    It is Israeli – the name of the manufacturer is at the top “Elit” – which means the same in Hebrew – the best of the best.

  7. 7
    Carlyn says:

    my mom just came back from israel early this morning and i told her to buy me Must Be Sexy. i am chewing it right now. its great.

    RESPONSE: Awesome! If you don’t want the empty package, let me know! :)

  8. 8
    Khaled says:

    Hi:I’m Khaled from Cairo Egypt.I read about product of “Must Be Sexy (gum)”. How do I get it? I want to try it. So, I want to get small amount.

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