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I can’t believe it’s not candy

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Blue Skies Bubble Bar

So I’m poking around on today and come upon a product (seen above) that looks interesting. What would you say that was (and understand I was searching for candy)? To me, it looked like some kind of taffy or maybe bubble gum or something. Turns out it’s some kind of bubble bath item – it’s called a Blue Skies Bubble Bar. Even the name sounds like candy. Weird.

Here is the product description:

Imagine you’re in the thousand year old spice garden of an Eastern mystic, breathing in the balancing scent of patchouli, calming, relaxing frankincense and stress-relieving, stimulating cinnamon. Now take this vision and imagine it transported to a bath near you. Imagine bathing in a deep blue bath with fluffy white bubbles, inhaling the same scents, emerging calm and revived, ready to face the world with a clear head and steady mind. Now visualize the Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar Slice in your hands and make this vision real.

I’ve read that twice now and I still don’t know what it is. Must be a girl thing. It still looks tasty though.


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3 Responses to “I can’t believe it’s not candy”

  1. 1
    GummiBear says:

    As a female that indulges in Bath products as often as possible, I would guess it is dropped in the bath and dissolves, perhaps even fizzes, and the substance that is left creates bubbles when you run your bath water. That’s my best guess. It really makes me want it though, looking like candy and all. I think I’ll have to put it on my Christmas list!

  2. 2
    GummiBear says:

    Okay, I should have read the comments. I have no idea what it does now. Sounds like a bath “bar” like soap. I don’t know how it creates bubbles then! *shrug* Now I’m even more intrigued.

    RESPONSE: Ok, good. So it’s not just me who is confused. :)
    –The Candy Kid

  3. 3
    Katie_Toones says:


    The Bubble Bar is from a company called Lush. It doesn’t particularly smell like any kind of candy or sweets, but they do make products that do- one called a Creamy Candy Bar and a Ma Bar (like Mars Bar). They used to make massage-oil bars that looked exactly like big chocolates, but they’ve been discontinued.

    Hope this clears it up…


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