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Gum Review: Choco’la Chocolate Gum

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Chocola Chocolate Gum

As a kid, did you ever try and extend the flavor and life of a piece of gum by mixing candy into it (in your mouth)? Sometimes it worked a little bit, like when you mixed in a candy like Pixy Stix, and sometimes it didn’t, like when you tried mixing in chocolate. The chocolate never quite mixed in right, then when it did, the gum fell apart and lost its chewiness.

Well, a company has claimed to solve the problem and you can now satisfy your chocolate gum gum cravings with Choco’la – Chocolate Gum. It’s sugar-free and it’s supposed to quench your desire for chocolate. Upon looking at their website, I saw you can order a free sample pack , so I figured “why not?” I promptly ordered a “free” pack of 12 pieces (that costs $3.00 in shipping and handling). They even take Paypal so it wasn’t like I was really spending any money.

A few days later I received the pack of gum and immediately tried it out. Here’s the timeline in minutes and seconds:

  • 0:00 – Gum insertion into mouth. At first there is an odd chocolatey flavor that just doesn’t quite taste right – reminds me just vaguely of chocolate and licorice….vaguely. The taste is not terrible, just odd.
  • 0:20 – It kinda tastes ok, but not great and I start to think “maybe this isn’t too bad after all”.
  • 1:00 – It gets a really odd texture to it – kinda like mixing gum and chocolate like I mentioned above.
  • 1:30 – I can’t take it any more and spit it out

As gum, the texture and feel is just wrong. As chocolate, the taste is odd. As chocolate gum, it sucks. I let my four year old daughter try it too the same time I did – she’s thrilled to get any kind of gum right now. She spit it out when I did too. Just to get a second (third?) opinion, I got my wife to try it when she got home (and I didn’t tell her what I thought). After about a minute, she spit it out and said it (and I quote) “tasted like ass”.

This is one gum I won’t be buying again and I won’t be recommending it to anyone.

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One Response to “Gum Review: Choco’la Chocolate Gum”

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    Greg says:

    The Japanese chocolate gum from Marukawa is very nice. Tastes like you crammed half a Hershey bar in your mouth!

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