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Candy Wrapper Handbags

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Candy Wrapper Handbag

As a kid, did you ever fold gum wrappers and interlink them to make a necklace/bracelet? Well, it looks like a company has taken this concept to new levels. There is a company called Ecoist that makes handbags in all shapes and sizes that are made from candy wrappers!

These handbags are made from recycled candy wrappers, food packages, and soft drink labels. These excess materials have been discarded due to printing defects or discontinued candy lines.

I’m a guy, so I can’t truly appreciate these handbags, but they seem pretty fashionable to me. They are a bit pricey, but isn’t everything that’s eco-friendly expensive? In looking at the styles, I couldn’t actually find any candy I recognized since the visible amount of the wrapper is very small. Can anyone spot a known candy wrapper in the handbags? I saw a few that had foreign writing on them and one that was from Bimbo Bakeries (a Mexican bakery). It’s too bad you can’t request a handbag made from the wrapper of your choosing.

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25 Responses to “Candy Wrapper Handbags”

  1. 1
    bev elgin says:

    I am interested in purchasing some of the candy bags – do you have a phone # or email? Thanks so much!

    RESPONSE: You can buy them from the website mentioned in the article: The Trendy Purse

  2. 2
    sarah blondin says:

    i reallllllllly want to learn how to make them, if you no ia link or anything please tell me, thank you


    RESPONSE: I don’t have any links that show how to make them, but if you find any or actually make some, be sure and let us know!

  3. 3
    Joi says:

    the only known candy wrappers i could tell were the luna bars

  4. 4
    ella says:

    I really want to find out how to make the candy wrapper bags
    can anyone tell me a website to find out how to make them?

  5. 5
    Trish says:

    Bimbo Bakeries… :P I remember seeing a smallish truck parked on a street with Bimbo (something- Co.? Bakery?) printed across the side. I can’t remember for the life of me remember where though.

  6. 6
    Caroline says:

    If you find the pattern I sure would like it also. I’ve been researching candywrapper purses and looking for patterns all weekend. They a kind of expensive to buy!

  7. 7
    Hunnibun says:

    I am looking for something that shows how to make these bags also! i did find this picture if it helps! it is very confusing though!

  8. 8
    Matt says:

    OMG that hangbag is so stylish, i could even see my wife useing it !

    Its so nice to see you can be eco friend and fashionable!:)


  9. 9
    carmelA says:

    umm…. i really want to know how to make one of these bags or een how to fold them

    can you please show me or tell me i guess

  10. 10
    Fashion Plus Handbags says:

    WOW what a neat idea. They are so cute.

  11. 11
    Mecca says:

    My friend just brought me one from Puerto Vallarta.
    She paid 20 bucks. They pay the women who make them $5 a bag. I’d rather go to Mexico and buy them there. Alot cheaper and there exactly the same.

  12. 12
    Reem says:

    i already have that bad it is amazing.. people keep asking me where did i get it from..

  13. 13
    kait says:

    i already have a candy wrapper purse from mexico. it is made out of all mexican candy wrappers and everybody loves it!i want to get more of them

  14. 14
    Julia Eisle says:

    Julia says:
    I am dying for a candy wrapper bag, but I can never find them. I like every single bag there is, and think it’s so cool how they’re made. Even though I don’t have a candy wrapper bag, I recomend that you should get one.

  15. 15
    Grace says:

    Grace says:
    I LOVE my candy wrapper bag, and think it is totally awsome. I got it in sweeden where there were a lot of them.

  16. 16
    Adri says:

    Yea ive seen the prices for these bags and its crazy….i mean my parents are from mexico…and i have tons of these bags multi colored…two toned….a clutch a change purse and shoulder bag….and all together they prob cost under 30 dollars…my dad gets them from this lady in mexico….i use one as a makeup bag..and ive learned how to make them…..i love them

  17. 17
    bell says:

    I Just arrived from Las Vegas. I went to the M & M candy store located on the Vegas strip and saw the coolest purses made from M&M candy wrappers. I loved them but they’re expensive. $250.00 for a good size purse.

  18. 18
    jamie says:

    I am just starting to make them, if you want to contact me.You send me the wrappers, I’ll make you a bag! (Tho I will charge more than $5 a bag:) contact me if interested @

  19. 19
    Ex-owl says:

    So, who’s got the pattern to make these bags, or the necklaces and bracelets like them. I really want to find out how.

  20. 20
    maya says:

    has anyone found out how to make a candy wrappered hand bag

  21. 21
    Sandy says:

    I’m trying to locate the manufacturer from Mexico who produces these candy wrapper bags. Email me if you know:

  22. 22
    Cal says:

    i have tried several times to order from the website mentioned. every time i go to check out online it times out, ive tried to call to order over the phone, but it always goes to voicemail. i will not attempt to order from there again, i will find a new website.

  23. 23
    Pertiful_xoh says:

    I have a Nahui Ollin purse very similar I want to learn to make them:) Tutorial!!!

  24. 24
    Pertiful_xoh says:

    Nahui Ollin is handmade:) and if you read the wrappers closley they are spanish candies:9

  25. 25
    Tony R says:

    My wife and I just returned from Mexico.Purchased 6 different sized candy and cookie wrapper pocketbooks.
    They are beautiful (Very Big Already In West Coast )
    Have not seen them in NYC. Travelling back to Mexico next Tues. to factories.Will let you know more after we sign export contract and eclusivity with them.
    Tony R NYC

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