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How to make an M&M sorter

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MM sorter

If you have a lot of spare time on your hands and like to tinker, this might be the project for you – it’s a DIY M&M sorter.

The M Sorter Kit includes a servo and materials to build your own M&Ms candy sorter. Additional hardware is required in addition to the M Sorter Kit, such as a BS2, Board of Education carrier board, and TAOS TCS230 Color Sensor.

So it’s $66 and it doesn’t include everything you need to make it. Me, if I wanted my M&M’s sorted (and I don’t), I could get my four year old to do it for the measly sum of three M&Ms – maybe five if she is in the mood to haggle.

M&M Sorter [via Make Blog]


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One Response to “How to make an M&M sorter”

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    mon says:

    where can i buy one? is it available in philippines?

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