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New Candy from JunkFoodBlog

The Junk Food Blog has found a BUNCH of new candies coming out: Skittles Ice Cream Flavors (what are they thinking?) Swiss Prestige Swiss Chocolate (new in the U.S.) M&M’s Pirate Pearls (promoting the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel) Snickers Limited Edition Xtreme (with 5g of protein rather than the usual 4g!) Twix Limited Edition […]

Chocolate Elton John

You know you’ve made it big when your likeness has been done in food. Earlier this year, Darth Vader and Yoda were made from butter at the Tulsa State Fair and today I found out that on June 14 of 2005, Elton John was done in chocolate. Quite a likeness too! Madame Tussauds crafted the […]

The history of chewing gum

(photo by Flickr user “sometimes rains in JUN”) While poking around online today, I found a number of webpages that talk about the history of chewing gum. Some interesting facts: The ancient Greeks chewed mastiche – a chewing gum made from the resin of the mastic tree. The ancient Mayans chewed chicle which is the […]

New Web Host

If you are reading this, then our move to a bigger, better webhost (BlueHost) has succeeded. Our previous webhost (whom I would not recommend if you want reliability) was down a day or two each month and I finally had enough. Bear with me as I get the site all moved in to the new […]

Candy Review: Japanese KitKat – Noir and Wine flavors

I’ll admit it….before I started this site, I had no idea candy companies made their candies in different flavors in other countries. Well, they do. Recently, Hershey’s has come out with multiple new flavors in the U.S. – Extra Creamy, Coffee, White Chocolate, Orange Creme, and Mint. In Japan, Kit Kat is made by Nestle […]