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Rubber Chocolates and other Candy Jokes

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Rubber Chocolates

Somehow, while looking online for interesting candy, I found myself looking at fake rubber chocolates at and it reminded me of something that happened to me when I was a kid that I haven’t thought about in years.

I’ve always been somewhat of a prankster (just ask my two younger sisters), and when I was about nine years old, I got two rubber chocolates as a gift. The kind that look like fancy candy from a box of chocolates…only made of hard rubber. I was so excited that I could pull a fast one on someone and get them to try and eat fake chocolate. WooHoo! Trouble is, just handing someone a fancy (but fake) chocolate looks too suspicious, so it never seemed to work. Then, my mom got one of those tiny sample boxes of Whitman’s chocolates – it held four chocolates – just perfect for my gag.

I now had rubber chocolates and a box to hold them…now to find an unsuspecting victim. My dad was in the Army and one day a big Army buddy of his came over to the house so I thought I’d try it on him. I offered one to him and he bit….literally. He bit so hard it put teeth marks in my fake chocolate. It was funny that he bit it, but I was so bummed that he ruined one of my chocolates (half of them!). Now nobody was going to fall for a fake chocolate with teeth marks in it and I was left with one good fake chocolate. I think I still have those in a box somewhere.

Oh, to be nine years old again…..

Speaking of gag candy, GagWorks has a bunch of good gag candy – Blue Mouth Candy (and other colors too), Exploding Candy, Fish Candy, Soap Candy, Smelly Feet Candy, and lots more (or just search for “candy” at GagWorks). I guess Jelly Belly wasn’t the first to make gross candy.

Rubber Chocolate Bite


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2 Responses to “Rubber Chocolates and other Candy Jokes”

  1. 1
    Lito says:

    It is now that I only realize prank gags can also include food!

  2. 2
    Fat Spinster says:

    Ouch – that sounds painful!

    A friend of mine loves playing pranks and he spent a long time covering some bricks with icing so it looked like a cake – presumably his daughter realised when she tried to cut through it, so at least she wouldn\’t have hurt her teeth.

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