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Wolfgang offers custom boxes of chocolates

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Wolfgang Chocolates

You know how you get a big box of chocolates and you have to refer to the “map” on the top lid to see what is what and make sure you don’t pick one of the “yucky” ones (and everyone’s “yucky” ones are different – my “yucky” is coconut)? Doesn’t it suck once you eat half of them, the candy has moved around, and the map no longer works so you have to resort to smushing them to peek inside?

It looks like a candy company has finally taken the donut world’s idea of creating your own combinations to heart. Wolfgang Candy has a “Truly Yours” feature that allows you to create your own custom box of chocolates online. Don’t like coconut filling? Leave them out. Really like Cashew Turtles? Throw in a few extra!

What a freaking great idea. The web interface is super-easy to use to pick your chocolates and it won’t break the bank either – a 24 piece box is only $10 and UPS ground shipping brings the total to $16.10. I can’t vouch for the candy quality or taste since I haven’t tried them, but this sure seems like a great idea for a Christmas gift for yourself or others. No more smushed chocolates since you’ll like them all!

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3 Responses to “Wolfgang offers custom boxes of chocolates”

  1. 1
    iportion says:

    What a great idea

  2. 2
    iportion says:

    I just I looked at the site and it has no orange creams or maple creams. It needs a bigger selection of creams and some more fruit bassed ones as well.

  3. 3
    Little Money says:

    Those are some good prices for the quality :)

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