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Candy Cigarettes From Across the Globe

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Marlbaro Acmel

Take a look at the images above again….Marlbaro and Acmel Lights – both are brands of candy cigarettes that were found in Mexico in 2003. Below is a link to a site that lists hundreds (ok, maybe tens) of different candy cigarettes from the US and from abroad with lots of pictures and witty commentary. We talked about candy cigarettes before, but none of the candy cigarettes from my childhood looked this much like a real pack of cigarettes. From the site:

For the past 100 years, a variety of chocolate, candy, and bubble-gum confections have been manufactured that simulate the appearance of actual cigarettes. For the first 65 or so years, the major cigarette corporations either looked the other way or took an active part in ensuring that the candy package reproductions were “faithful” to their less-appealing tobacco brothers. For some reason, a lot of people believe candy cigarettes were “totally outlawed” in the United States sometime in the past, when in actuality, the major players have remained one step ahead of governmental regulation via sluggish self-policing and a strong commitment to what ESPN would call “Extreme Hiding.” The links below will take you on a magical tour through the world of the only candy product that sells so much more than itself.
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