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Crunky – The Chocolate to Get You Crunked Up

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All the way from Japan comes this chocolate bar called Crunky. Not only does this chocolate candy keep you crunked up, it’s Lil Jon’s favorite snack…especially with crunk juice! For even more crunkiness (is that a word?), try Black Crunky!

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10 Responses to “Crunky – The Chocolate to Get You Crunked Up”

  1. 1
    christine says:

    i want to get my crunk on… perfect, yo.

    RESPONSE: Word up, yo!

  2. 2
    Joytek says:

    I currently reside in Korea and have seen this stuff. Crunky is a KOREAN candy manufactured by LOTTE corporation. For accuracy’s sake:-)


  3. 3
    Ethan says:

    Actually Lotte is a Japanese company (founded in 1948), though they do have a Korean (as well as USA) subsidiary. (see

    I recently had a Crunky bar (which a Japanese friend brought back from Tokyo)… it’s actually quite good. Similar to an American “Crunch” bar, except the chocolate is of better quality (and much less intensely sweet) and the “crunchies” smaller.

    - Ethan

  4. 4
    Devilot says:

    Not to mention that the text on the candy is clearly Japanese, not Korean.

  5. 5
    picocentric says:

    Yeah, it most definitely comes from Japan, because one of my friends ordered it online and she now gets emails that say “Hello from Japan!”

  6. 6
    lil jon says:

    I’m in Korea right now and just bought one. It’s definitely Korean. They have a lot of other funny shit here – like bottles of “Man’s Touch” lotion in the men’s rooms.

  7. 7
    raffines says:

    Company founded in Japan, by a Korean man. Take that however you wish.

  8. 8
    cf_419 says:

    well actually it doesn’t matter if its japanese or korean.. if u buy it in jap then its jap if u buy it in kor then its kor… i still love this chocolate…

  9. 9
    crunk E says:

    actually yes, Lotte itself is Korean. I’m Japanese and for the longest time, I really believed this company was Japanese. Sadly, for bragging rights its not, although like others who posted previously, there are Japanese Lotte Manufacturing plants, and products catering to whatever region the candy is being produced for. So, while in the states, we all think Lotte is Japanese, it is infact avtually a korean company.

  10. 10
    Leigha says:

    Getya crunk on!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so jealous but then i read stuff like the bacon mints and toothpicks…..all better! Good luck Brian! Btw…..are you gonnamake any new vids? i subscribed u but udidnt upload anything new yet! i think that you really should spit it out in the videos if its nasty. I would

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