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Candy Review: Chocolate Covered Blueberries by Chocolate Moon

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Chocolate Covered Blueberries

UPDATE (7/23/2006): it looks like this company has gone out of business. The website is gone and I can’t find it anywhere online. So sad.

While out shopping recently, my wife picked up a two 10-ounce bags of chocolates made by a company called Chocolate Moon. One bag was the chocolate-covered espresso beans called Ciccolata Espresso and the other was their chocolate-covered blueberries called Blue Devil Berries.

We decided to try the blueberries first. Now I absolutely LOVE chocolate covered raisins, so I was wondering if these would be similar. I’m not a big fan of fruit in general, but I do like the taste of blueberries (blueberry pancakes, blueberry compote, etc.), but I don’t like to eat a big honking, squishy, juicy blueberries by themselves.

I tasted a ‘Blue Devil Berry” with a bit of trepidation, hoping there wasn’t a big juicy blueberry inside. It turns out the blueberry inside the candy is dried just like like a raisin. Are they called blueberaisins? Bluebaisins? Rasinerries? Idunno.

So how was it? FABULOUS. AWESOME. INCREDIBLE. By far the best new candy I have had in ages. The chocolate/blueberry flavor ratio was prefect. I cannot say enough good things about this stuff!

The website describes them thusly:

Real dried blueberries panned in Guittard milk chocolate, blueberry puree and a naturally flavored confectionary glaze.

I asked my wife how much she paid for it and she refused to tell me on the grounds that I wouldn’t be happy with how much she spent on them. Uh-oh. That meant she spent a lot. How much did these things cost? I looked on the package and found the website: – there the bags of candies are 3 for $30 which is $10 each! OUCH! Granted, they are REALLY good, but are they $10 good? Maybe. I think they would make a great gift for someone that loves chocolate and/or blueberries, but given the price, they are definitely not for casual munching (or for kids). Look for a review of the Ciccolata Espresso candy soon (once the sticker-shock wears off).

Chocolate Moon website

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6 Responses to “Candy Review: Chocolate Covered Blueberries by Chocolate Moon”

  1. 1
    Candy Addict Review: Marich Chocolate Strawberries says:

    [...] I have a love/hate relationship with fruit and chocolate combos. I hate cherry cordials, but I love chocolate-covered raisins and blueberries. I was skeptical about the Chocolate Strawberries, mostly because I had no idea what to expect. From now on, all candy I eat will have to live up to the Chocolate Strawberry standard. [...]

  2. 2
    Gloria says:

    Do you know where I can find dried chocolate covered cherries like Chocolate Moon had? I, too, loved them and have also discovered that their website no longer exists! So sad! I was looking for them for Christmas. Let me know, please if you know of same type of candy. Thanks!

    RESPONSE: Madelaine\’s Chocolate has some:

    I reviewed some of their other stuff:

    – Brian

  3. 3
    Frank says:

    Well Have I got news for all you chocolate moon lovers. there is a new company in Asheville that has better chocolate covered cherries, berries and nuts. the best tasting ever and gift sets to die for. look for

  4. 4
    Barbara says:

    Harry and David’s makes wonderful chocolate blueberries along with other great chocolate candies. However, as a lover of chocolate covered bluberries, I have recently found a wonderful place in Northern California called Casa de Fruta. They have an assortment of beautiful fruits, dried and/or dipped for purchase and shipment.

  5. 5
    Brad says:

    Sorry that this is a shameless plug. We are the maker of the Chocolate Strawberries above as well as Chocolate Cherries and the Chocolate Blueberries that Chocolate Moon carried (I do not know if they are gone but they no longer purchase from us) We recommend our friends:

  6. 6
    Christian says:

    The website is now back, I repeat the website is now back!!


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