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Sports Candy Quiz

Heres a great candy trivia quiz that intersects candy with sports. Here is an example question: 1) Denver Nougat: Carmelo Anthony, the smooth swingman from the Denver Nuggets, recently became the pitchman for the following candy bar with a smooth, caramel nougat. Take the quiz at FYI – I only got 4 correct. candy […]

Nirvana Candy Contains Drugs

According to KVUE in Austin, Texas: The Colony police stumbled across a not so sweet find. They confiscated 22 chocolate bars laced with drugs in the 4600 block of Ridgepointe Drive. Authorities said the chocolate bars contained dried mushrooms, hash and marijuana. The bars are called Nirvana and have a street value of more than […]

Review: Nick Candy Fun Mix

My wife picked up a 100ct bag of Nick Candy Fun mix for my daughter to take to her halloween party at preschool, so being the Candy Addict that I am, I figured I’d snag some and check them out. Here is what I found….. Sour Buddies: a 2-pack of good-sized sour gummi candies in […]

Halloween in the Ritzy Neighborhood

Another Halloween story….. A few years ago when my daughter was 2 years old, we visited my wife’s parents for Halloween because they wanted to take my daughter around to all of their friends to show her off. So all of us go through the neighborhood with her and go trick-or-treating. My in-laws lived in […]

Halloween Story: Smarties or Dum-Dums?

I can’t remember where I heard this story. I may have read it in a magazine a long time ago…I’m not sure. I’m not sure if it really happened or not, but I’m going to tell it anyway because I think it’s cute whether it’s true or not: There was this math teacher that would […]