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Halloween Candy Haikus

Categories: Candy,Holiday Candy


Halloween. Candy.
They are inseparable.
Love the candy day.


I like them spicy
Fireballs full of flavor
My eyes will water


Wonka Nerds like crack.
Can’t eat just a few, no way.
I’ll finish the box.


I love the candy.
It’s my favorite food group.
I eat it all day!


Caramel Turtles
Nutty Caramel Goodness
Love to eat a box!


Chocolate, my love.
You bring me great happiness.
I will never stray.


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25 Responses to “Halloween Candy Haikus”

  1. 1
    Ed Knittel says:

    Sweet, sour, or hot.
    My tongue tastes such great pleasure.
    Candy is not safe.

  2. 2
    Jf. Jeter III says:

    Love All Hallow’s Eve
    Next morning float Snicker’s bar
    In the toilet bowl

  3. 3
    karen says:


  4. 4
    Babs says:

    Snickers to you!!!!!!!! “snort”

  5. 5
    Bonnie says:

    tummy full, grumbly
    mixed sour with sweet delightful
    moderation — no.

  6. 6
    Vic says:

    you make me shudder
    unless there’s chocolate

  7. 7
    sugar coma says:

    Candy bar fun size
    So small, so sweet, so tempting
    I can not resist.

  8. 8
    Mary Hannah says:

    Makes Me Scream
    Chocolate Dreams
    & Peanut Butter Creams!!!

  9. 9
    Kristin says:

    Halloween candy
    Sits useless in front of me
    Damn you Weight Watchers

  10. 10
    Mary Hannah says:

    Star Wars Candy
    Oh So Dandy
    Yoda Sodas
    & Wookie Cookies!

    Woo-Hoo ROTS & Hayden Christensen!!!

  11. 11
    Mary Hannah says:

    Weight Watchers
    South Beach
    & Even Atkins Diet…
    Let Me Eat This Candy
    Or I Will Start A

  12. 12
    Mary Hannah says:

    Just wanted to let yall know that I know these aren’t haikus but I don’t care. :) Have a delicious day!

    RESPONSE: I was going to mention that. They are still entertaining though! –The Candy Kid

  13. 13
    Bob says:

    So nutty, so crunchy, creamy and gooey, the nougat, mmmmm, nice and chewy, as you dream of someplace far, unwrap your favorite candy bar!!!

  14. 14
    Sweet Tooth says:

    gummi bears and treats of sweet delight
    the dentist is sure to follow

  15. 15
    Christine Rota says:

    My Laffy Taffy
    How cheewy and sweet you are
    I love to eat you

  16. 16
    Christine Rota says:

    Nerds, Runts, Gummy Bears,
    I want them all, I won’t share
    You can’t have any!

  17. 17
    dalpop says:

    Leftover candy
    Passed up by trick or treaters
    I’ll eat it myself.

  18. 18
    fiend says:

    ‘Cause it’s Halloween
    with it’s monstrous diguises
    candy’s no longer sin

  19. 19
    Bob says:

    Chocolate delights, candies that swirl, all for my favorite girl !!!

  20. 20
    KERRYPEZ says:

    Collect dispensers
    Flip the head for a sweet treat
    PEZ addicts UNITE!

  21. 21
    Bob says:

    Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate…Milk, Dark or White, lather yourself in it’s delight !!!

  22. 22
    Bob says:

    Colored beans made of jelly, poor Sally, she ate too many until it burst her belly !!!

  23. 23
    willy wonka the pimp says:

    happy halloween
    billy get lots of candy
    please share it with me

  24. 24
    Candy Addict » Best Halloween articles from last year says:

    [...] Halloween Candy Haikus [...]

  25. 25
    Sarah says:

    Wish Australians
    Celebrated Halloween.
    I want free candy.

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