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Review: Deep Fried Snickers

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Another view

My family and I went to the 2005 NC State Fair last week and I vowed I would get myself a deep-fried Snickers. I had heard stories about how good they are, but in all the years (5?) I have attended the NC State Fair, I never tried it. They deep fry all kinds of things at the fair: Oreos, Twinkies, Cheeseburgers, strawberries, etc. but, being a Candy Addict, I had to try the deep-fried candy bar. Read on for the full description and pictorial.

I didn’t know the exact location of the vendors that deep fried everything, but I kept my eyes peeled and soon came upon the signs for the artery-hardening goodness:

deep fried Snickers sign

Deep Fried Candy Bars

deep fried Snickers sign

I waited in line for 2-3 minutes to place my order. Do I get the Snickers or the 3 Musketeers? I like Snickers more, so I ordered the Snickers. I parted with $3 for the Snickers and began my 5 minute wait for the goods. While waiting, I looked into the open door to try and understand how they work their magic on the Snickers and I snapped a pic:

a peek inside

I think (and someone correct me if I’m wrong) that they dip the Snickers in funnel cake batter then deep fry it…at least that’s my best guess. After my 5 minute wait I was handed this:

Snickers bliss

Wow, it looked and smelled good. It looked like a powdered-sugar-covered, fat corn dog with a 12 inch wooden skewer in it. I took a few more pictures of it before I bit into it. I had visions of me biting into it and it searing the inside of my mouth with hot gooey goodness. I wanted to let it cool just a bit before I dug in.

Snickers bliss

Snickers bliss

After letting it cool a bit, I took my first small bite, still afraid I would lose my sense of taste by burning all the taste buds off my tongue. It wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be, but it was almost completely liquified in the center – no trace of the semi-solid Snickers was left – it was all chocolate/nougat/caramel/peanut goo. And it was good….really good…..extremely goood. Holy crap it was good!

First bite

I ate it down til there was but one bite left – this is probably the best picture of the inside and how melted and gooey it was:

Almost gone
Last bite! (click to enlarge)

I savored the last bite and there was nothing left but the paper container, a long, pointy skewer, and powdered sugar all over my shirt. I cannot truly express how good it was. On a scale of one to ten, it was a twelve. Incredible. Amazing. And probably enough fat and calories to clog every one of my arteries….twice. If you ever have the opportunity to try a deep fried candy bar, do it. Next year, I’ll try the deep fried 3 Musketeers bar, but I can’t imagine it could be as good as the Snickers.


UPDATE: For those looking for a recipe, I have heard that you should freeze the bar first. For the batter, I found a batter recipe here. It’s actually a batter for deep-fried Twinkies, but it might work. Also, here is some info on how to make your own. 2.5 minutes and peanut oil works best.

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84 Responses to “Review: Deep Fried Snickers”

  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    In Australia (and probably the UK) quite a lot of “Fish & Chip” shops sell deep-fried Mars Bars (not sure if you have Mars Bars over there, but imagine a Snickers without the peanuts).

    In other words, we don’t need to wait for a fair to get the artery-clogging goodness. ;)

    RESPONSE: We do (or did) have Mars bars – that’s actually on my list of things to write about. Thanks for the info! –The Candy Kid

  2. 2
    Barbara Elizabeth says:

    I think that what the British (and British empire, including Australia) call Mars bars are what we call Three Musketeers.
    Mars bars have been around England for decades. I suspect that the reason they call them Mars bars, after the company, is that they were the only Mars candy bar they imported. (or used to be the only one). Whereas in the U.S., home of Mars, the company needed different names for its various bars. They couldn’t just call them all “Mars.”

  3. 3
    Elana says:

    Mars Bars and Three Musketeers are two different candies, actually. The International Mars Bar contains caramel and chocolate nugget (I won’t go into what we get for a Mars Bar in the US, but it’s different). 3 Musketeers is all nugget, and lighter and fluffier nugget at that.

    And here’s an article on where you can find deep fried Mars Bars and some other fried candies in England.

  4. 4
    Goldbricker says:

    International Mars bar = U.S. Milky Way more or less.

  5. 5
    Robert, Sweden says:

    Hello, just to add some gasoline to your candy fire I’d like to enlighten you with some facts:

    I’ve travelled the world (even the U.S. of A.) and a Mars bar is the same all over the globe. Three Musketeers too. Milky Way is (as far as I’ve noticed) another thing all together. Just fluffy whip covered in milk chocolate. 3 Musk. has been discontinued in Sweden for a long time.

    Stay sweet, /R

  6. 6
    badMike says:

    Dang, I’ve been dying to try one of these things since I heard about them a few years ago. It sounds amazing, but not easy to come by in L.A.

    Recently, my wife and I were watching the Travel Channel and Tony Bourdain ate one in Las Vegas on the show “No Reservations.” Now we joke all the time that we have to go to Vegas so I can finally get my fix.

  7. 7
    Ken Castagno says:

    I would sure love to know what batter they use, and how long they deep fry them.

    RESPONSE: I’m pretty sure it’s funnel cake batter – at least that’s what it tasted like. Not sure how long they fried it – it took a long time to get it, but they were busy. I bet you could just fry it til the color looked right.
    –The Candy Kid

  8. 8
    Summer Doughty says:

    I love deep-fried chocolate bars…but im wondering if anyone knows the recipe for the batter. If any of you guys do…send it to my email
    Thanks lots

    REPONSE: I just saw a recipe the other day and they said to use pancake batter. Personally, I don’t think that’s quite right. I would think a funnel cake batter would be better since it’s sweeter.
    –The Candy Kid

  9. 9
    Barbara says:

    I must be out of touch. I had never heard of a “fried” snickers bar until reading the 8(ate) worst foods article. I must admit I love Snickers but rarely eat any. One just makes me want another!

  10. 10
    Stephany says:

    Yikes! While I am a huuuuuuge fan of every possible candy bar out there…except for Almond Joy (because sometimes you feel like a nut…sometimes you don’t!) and of deep fried foods (love deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving)…that deep friend Snicker Bar looks absolutely revolting!

    I am sure it tastes just yummy, but if you are a visual person that thing looks like a mutant corndog!

    sorry :(

  11. 11
    Crazy Carol says:

    At our annual hayride/weenie roast – we deep fry turkey, corndogs, funnel cakes, oreos and candy bars!!! the candy bars are dipped in the funnel cake batter. I buy it at the grocery store. Totally AWESOME!!!

  12. 12
    Kris says:

    I too must admit that although I love snickers, I don’t eat many of them either… If I eat too much sugar, I get sick to my stomach… Just reading about the “Deep-fried Snickers” (something I’d never heard of either) alone made me feel sick… just thinking about all that sugar. I can barely handle a funnel cake!! LOL

    RESPONSE: I can’t believe you can stand to even be reading – doesn’t this site make you sick too? It’s ALL sugar!!! :)

  13. 13
    John B says:

    I have never heard of deep-frying candy and at first it sounded revolting but not that i see the pics and read the articals you have here i am definatly going to have to try one.

  14. 14
    Dee says:

    You know, I was thinking, we have those packages of small snickers, like for Halloween, etc. why not get them, dip in funnel mix and serve them up that way. I am always reminded of what my mom would say, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION lets you try a lot more things. Of course that goes great with my thoughts of “Life’s short, eat dessert first” : )

  15. 15
    Tony M says:

    I guess deep-fried Snickers bars are an East Coast favorite in the U.S. I’ve lived up and down the West Coast all my life in major cities and I’ve never seen one. Maybe I just didn’t notice. It is, however, a known fact that parts of the eastern U.S. are notorious for deep-frying many more foods than the rest of the country. (They’re also much better at it).

  16. 16
    Lisa says:

    I think the use of the snack size candy bars is fantastic! While reading the article I was thinking that I would LOVE to try it, but I know that I could not quite commit to a whole snicker bar!….(I also could not waste it either)

  17. 17
    Gerald Ward says:

    You should post a warning at top of your page, such as:
    Makes me want to start frying Snickers in one hand while holding my insulin bottle in the other!

  18. 18
    Rae Ann says:

    Thanks for enlightening me about deep fried Snickers. After reading your description and seeing your pictures I’ve decided it’s not that weird after all. lol

  19. 19
    Bruce Scheuneman says:

    I have bulk candy vending machines,but this fried candy bar thing gives me idea’s for flea markets and such.

  20. 20
    DONNA ENGEL says:

    For all who wants to know the recipe for deep fried candy bars just put recipe for deep fried candy bars in Google and you will get several

  21. 21
    J. B. says:

    For anyone who wants to make one, yes they do use funnel cake batter. It is also important to FREEZE the candy bar. I can’t say I’m sure how long to fry it for, but I would guess about 3 minutes. That seems about right for the consistancy of the batter and the size. Make sure the color is right as well, that probably is most important of all.

  22. 22
    Lisa says:

    First time reading anything from candyaddict … Way too funny – we get sooo excited about this kinda stuff lol! I Love those funnel cake thingy’s and omg, I can’t even imagine having that with a snickers bar! Yummy! lol Whomever wrote the review on/for the deep fried snickers is awesome! Thanks! Still laughing here! =)

    RESPONSE: I’m glad you enjoyed it! I didn’t even try to make it funny. :)

  23. 23
    MEGAN says:

    I live in Nyc. Where can i purchase deep fried snicker bars. Please email me. Thank you all

  24. 24
    wendy says:

    I am so please that you have this site.I have just purchased a concession trailer and was told about fried candy bars so thank you for all the info.

  25. 25
    Mike says:

    Hi there,

    This may be a bit of a dubious honour to try and claim, but I think that the deep frying of chocolate bars originated here, Bonny Scotland. We Scots are no strangers to the magic of the deep fryer and what could finish off a dinner of deep fried pizza (oh yes, another great Scots invention) other than an artery-furring delight such as the deep fried Snickers. Here we use just standard chip shop batter that would normally coat your piece of fish.
    Approach with caution, Scotland isn’t called the ‘Sick Man Of Europe’ for nothing….

  26. 26
    0_0 says:

    I really hate to disappoint you, but there is way too much sugar in most peoples’ diets. Sugar doesn’t provide any nutrition, in fact it damages us. All this high fructose corn syrup and sugar sends you craving it, and as you freely say, you are addicted, and it’s eaten more and more until you’re sent into a spiraling vortex of….SUGAR. *twilight zone music in background* I know I sound like a health nut, but I mean, this is terrible for your body. You are human…

    RESPONSE: Wow – Way to be a Debbie Downer! This site is for fun, don’t take it all too seriously. :)

  27. 27
    Nikki J. says:

    Hey there, I’ve been trying to research where in New England I can find a deep fried snickers, but I can never seem to find a location. I tried e-mailing a ton of massachusetts county fairs but none seem to be supplying a deep fried snickers. Do you know of any locations in the Greater Boston area that sell a deep fried snickers bar?

    RESPONSE: Funny – I’m going to Boston on business at the end of the month. No, I don’t know where you could get one. You might try asking on a newsgroup, forum, or website devoted to Boston food.

  28. 28
    Caleb says:

    I know that Taste Of Minnesota, in St. Paul (an annual fair) has deep fried candy bars every year.

  29. 29
    starmenley says:

    I would like to know when was the first snickers candy bar was invented?What year and state.

    RESPONSE: I found this by serching for Snickers history on Google. 1930 – not sure about the state – my guess would be Chicago, IL since that is where they opened their plant in 1929.


  30. 30
    Lovely Praise says:

    If I were a tad bit smaller I would have eaten the entire deep fried snicker bar and musketer bar all to myself. However, I caught my three year old going back to the counter several times eating my fried bar. (thus the term crumb snacther comes into play). I will be selling this item for now on at my shows. This is an excellent product. Thanks food addict….keep them coming.

    RESPONSE: Who is this “food addict” you speak of? We are “CANDY ADDICT”! :)

  31. 31
    bbb says:

    The latest Crazz at the Arizona State Fair. People were eating deep fried Tootsie Rolls.

  32. 32
    Chris Ash, syd - Aust says:

    Guess wat i read that the fatties in Texas are doing for the fairs that where just on:
    deep fried coke a cola syrup nuggets served with pure cola syrup (instead of tom sauce)… omg thats gross.

    Hmmm Texas, home of coke battered cholesterol and the highest per capita percentage of obesity in the USA

    fatties are texas

    RESPONSE: We covered that and I am writing a review right now :)

  33. 33
    LESLIE says:


  34. 34
    Debbie says:

    I am so glad that I stumbled on to this , I live in northern Michigan and have never heard of deep fried candy bars. I am going to buy some funnel cake mix at Gordon\’s and try them in my deep fryer for a holiday treat for Christmas. I was looking for a recipe on how to make deep fried pizza , when I came across this. Thanks.

    RESPONSE: Let us know if it works out (or not)!

  35. 35
    Diane says:

    “…And it was good….really good…..extremely goood. Holy crap it was good!…”

    HA, this just made me LAUGH! I’ve never had one of these, but it sounds great!

    (this coming from a girl who used to declare, “Snickers bar and a Diet Pepsi, breakfast of champions!”)

  36. 36
    chris says:

    OMG!!! how can you eat this!? the pictures are disgusting… or it’s a cardiovascular disease contest?

  37. 37
    alice says:

    I really want to try this stuff but i’m a hopeless cook. Where can I buy this in Sydney, Australia (if there is any)?

  38. 38
    alice says:

    chocolates like my best friend and s/he just got a whole lot better!!!

  39. 39
    Kirstie says:

    If you really want to try deep fried sweet gooey goodness, then a trip to Scotland is needed.
    You name it, the fish & chip shops will deep fry it for you! At Christmas its mince pies, christmas pudding and cake, at Easter is Cadbury Creme Eggs (do you have them in the US?) and in between pretty much anything you’d like!

  40. 40
    Valerie says:

    I would love to try a fried candy bar, I see this was in 2005, do they still have this there? Can you give me info about the NC state fair? I would love to go this year. My email is Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  41. 41
    robin says:

    i saw where u were talking about the batter recipe..and actually..when they first started those i was at the N.C.Azalea Festival..and I asked the lady cooking them what the batter was and she told me it was funnel cake batter. So u can try that..

  42. 42
    Forrest says:

    US Musketeers are UK Milky Way. Please note that deep fried bars are specifically Scottish rather than British Empire.

  43. 43
    kaitlyn says:

    i think that this DEEP FRIED SNICKERS BARS sound good and all. but you can also use pancake batter for the covering of it too instead of the funnel cake batter. that is what the schools do and stuff. but thanks 4 the idea on the snickers!!! love ya– Kaitlyn
    p.s.-ive ate candy all of my life!!

  44. 44
    leggylady says:


    Deep frying “candy” bars orginated in Scotland. You DO NOT freeze the bar first because it can fracture. You keep it at room temperature (or slightly chilled). The batter is normal batter that you would coat your fish (savoury food/ black pudding etc) in. It goes in the frier for SECONDS! you know it is ready when it floats on the top of the oil, you only leave it in long enough to cook the batter (as i say a matter of seconds, the bar inside is NOT meant to be soaked in oil and all gooey)”the deep fried mars bar” phenomenon was a fad in Scotland about 12 years ago, it is not as common here as the English would have you believe! And as for it only being available in Scotland and “not in the british empire” that’s not true! Chippie’s (fish and chip takeaway shops) in Newcasle and Chester have them listed on the menu as a regular feature!

  45. 45
    Stefan Marquart says:

    I’ve heard of deep fried oreos but I’ve never heard of deep fried snickers bars.

  46. 46
    Andi says:

    You’re lucky you got yours fried while you waited…I purchased my first deep-fried snickers at the fair a couple years ago, and it was obvious it had been sitting under a heat lamp for a bit…not bad, but would have been MUCH better if the batter was crispier. I decided to make my own at home, and they are delicious…just a little funnel cake batter, and some frozen candy bars…yum!

    Something else that’s really good, is putting bite size candy bars into canned bisquit dough, and deep-frying till golden…same effect, but different texture…still delicious though!

  47. 47
    Candy is Dandy says:

    Great fun to read.
    Just one thing to add: although the Mars family is US-born, the Mars bar was invented in UK (by a Mars family person) and never (afaik)imported. It was later transferred to the USofA.
    Its home is Slough, nr. Heathrow airport, which also happens to be home to Wernham Hogg Paper, original birthplace of The Office TV show.

  48. 48
    owen says:

    I live in guildford uk, (near london) we have a fish and chip shop that does deep fried mars/snickers/twix/bounty/creme egg for about 70p. all good.
    I hear ppl saying theyve gotta go to a fair, or las vegas???? we made some (lots) in our student halls coupla years ago using this guys deep fat fryer which cost about £30 ($60) and a really simple batter recipe we got off the net (think it had Bicarb in), we also made beer batter and whisky batter. was all really easy, ony problem i suppose is once you realise how easy they are to do well at home, youre gona get FAT lol, hope this speeds up some of your first tries, trust me its EASY and well worth a little effort. (the night we did it we had between 4 to 6 different bars each and plenty of beer, suffice to say we were al feeling somewhat below par the following day lol.) eNJOY.

  49. 49
    bob says:


  50. 50
    Jim says:

    Hello…I am campaigning to bring back the original US Mars Bar with the little almond on top in the beige wrapper. If you are interested, please go to my website ( and sign my guestbook! Thanks!! Jim

  51. 51
    Susie says:

    We’ve had deep-fried candy bars at the St. Louis County Fair & Air Show in Chesterfield MO for years. Yeah, at first it sounded disgusting, one bite and I was HOOKED, way better than funnel cakes which I personally think are nasty as all get out. Deep fried Oreos are pretty yummy too.

  52. 52
    Cindy says:

    Ok, if you love the candy bars then you gotta try Deep Fried Cheesecake! Nice size slice frozen cheesecake and funnel cake mix…Yummy!

  53. 53
    Alex says:

    I picked one of those up today at the State Fair of Texas. They’re AWESOME!

  54. 54
    ashley says:

    oh my goodness!!! i love snickers. i’m a snickers-aholic. that sounds like a dream that you dont want to wake up in. yum!!!

  55. 55
    Catherine says:

    In Scotland it’s all about the deep fried mars bar instead of snickers.

  56. 56
    Tina says:

    The deep fried snickers IS Amazing! I tried my first one at the Columbus Farmers Market off rt 206 in NJ at a little indoor corner food shop. And even better and more appetizing was the chocolate syrup zig zaged across the top of the powdered sugar. YUM.

  57. 57
    Weird says:

    There’s a Fish & Chips (Brit restaurant) around the corner here (I’m in Brooklyn, NY) and they have a lot of fried candy stuff… I got a fried twinkie the other day and it was really quite good. Better than I thought it would be. I havent had the fried snickers bar yet, but they have those as well.

  58. 58
    Brian says:

    You mean this place?

  59. 59
    nikki says:

    i love this yummy idea. it may be fattining,but it sure is tastey!! yyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 60
    Bec says:

    These are available in Australia??? I have GOT to find a shop which sells them then =O

  61. 61
    friedsnickercraver says:

    looks so good

  62. 62
    kim says:

    Well I’m going to try making the snickers fried later in the week well maybe later in the month considering I made deep fried OREOS tonight AWESOME!

    Same rules apply,freeze the oreos heat up the oil and then I used pancake batter, not too much just enough to coat em and drop those in and flipped a few times waited till a golden brown YUUUMMMMMMMMYYYYYY!

  63. 63
    Charlene says:

    I thought the deepfried candy would taste absolutely disgusting. I dislike anything deepfried…it’s revolting in my opinion!

    But when I went to Wild Wings I HAD to try this! I tried the deepfried Milky Way (which is the Mars Bars) and I AM HOOKED! Those are SO delicious! Nothing can compare!

  64. 64
    Jerry says:

    Quick tip on Deep Fried Snickers. Our local Mexican restaurants serve the king-sized bars wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried. No messy batter. At our house parties, we make the bite-sized ones wrapped in small flour tortillas. Cover them with CoolWhip, a cherry and serve with a scoop of ice cream and you are a God amongst your friends…

    “Madison, WI knows good food”

  65. 65
    Ivy says:

    I’m quite shocked that people would come to a blog called “Candy Addict” and then whine about too much sugar in people’s diets. Hahahaha, fools.

    And the people too snotty to try a deep fried candy bar are all really missing out. It sounded pretty gross to me at first, but I tried it and it’s like a tiny piece of heaven.

  66. 66
    Bren says:

    My boyfriend and I were at the fair yesterday and I spotted them first and was like Wow, how cool is that, look at what they are frying up now; we gotta get one! Well, I was maxed out from the whole entire day of eating, plus we were planning on taking some goodies home. Well, now I have dissapointed my boyfriend in not getting one; it started a fight, an arguement. So, here I am to find out how to make them. It didn’t bother me either way if we got one or not; but now hearing the reviews, I’m making them and will be prepared to pass out of a sugar overload!
    Hope my boyfriend still loves me.

  67. 67
    funnyfred says:

    Ahhh, deep fried Snickers. One of my favs! I actually heard of this, and tryed it at home. I make it for my friends and I, and at parties, all the time! Everyone just loves it! I enjoyed it so much, I ventured out, and have tryed deep-frying almost any chocolate type candy I can get! So far I’ve deep fried Snickers, Reese’s, Butterfingers, Milky Way(my personal fav!), 3 Musketeers, Twinkies(SO good, even though its not chocolate!), and Cow Tails! I now have a list of candies I want to fry now, which is M&M’s(peanuts and plain), Rollo’s, 100Grand, Hershey Bars and Kisses, and Ande’s chocolate mint bars! I can’t wait to fry all those! I’m gonna die of heart failure, haha! But its a good way to go in my opinion. ;D
    For batter I actually use waffle batter! I make it fairly thick, bc if its too runny, it won’t fry well. I also sweeten it w some sugar so its not just a plain batter. But I just cool the candies in the fridge, cut em in small pieces or halves(large pieces fall apart more easily, especially Reese’s Cups!) and fry em until they’re golden brown, all the way around! =)

  68. 68
    Revvka says:

    As per Wikipedia, which I actually tend to trust:

    Old U.S. “Mars Bar” = New U.S. “Almond Snickers Bar.”
    Current international “Mars Bar” = similar to current U.S. Milky Way Bar
    Current international Milky Way Bar = similar to U.S. 3 Musketeers Bar

  69. 69
    funkymunky1515 says:

    UGH…I could not imagine eating this, that is just a bit too much. I can feel my arteries clogging just looking at that!! haha

  70. 70
    Heather Oda says:

    i love eat the fryed candy bar it tast like chocolate cake it melt in your mouth yumm o i wish i know how make this my self if anyone know how email me thanks

  71. 71
    wed says:

    love too

  72. 72
    Sally says:

    I had deep-fried oreos at Lake Compounce amusement park once. Without a huge glass of milk handy, I just couldn’t eat more than two of them. They were good, though…

  73. 73
    susan says:

    I wanted to try a fried snickers bar too. I just went to the fair this past thursday. I brought a fried snickers bar but I wrapped it up for Sunday and put it in the fridge. Come Saturday, I decided to try it out. Eventhough I ate it almost two days after it was made, I was not impressed. Like most of your said, all it is is a snickers bar dipped in funnel cake batter and mine didn’t even have a stick. I would rather eat a plain snickers bar rather than eat one that is “fried.” The funnel cake batter on the outside didn’t add to the taste of the bar and I love funnel cakes. I didn’t try the fried oreos, moon pies, or reese cups. but if they taste anything like that snickers bar I ate, I won’t be in a hurry to spend my 4 or five dollars on it. Just my opinion, and I love chocolate and funnel cakes. (just not together)

  74. 74
    Kaylil97 says:

    This is a connection to deep fried candy bars. I’ve had a deep fried Twinkies and Oreos. They are something unusual and different! I got them both at the Foster Fair.

  75. 75
    battery says:

    Like most of your said, all it is is a snickers bar dipped in funnel cake batter and mine didn’t even have a stick. I would rather eat a plain snickers bar rather than eat one that is “fried.” The funnel cake batter on the outside didn’t add to the taste of the bar and I love funnel cakes. I didn’t try the fried oreos, moon pies, or reese cups. but if they taste anything like that snickers bar I ate, I won’t be in a hurry to spend my 4 or five dollars on it. Just my opinion, and I love chocolate and funnel cakes.

  76. 76
    Lilly says:

    i have to try that. i mean i HAVE to. it looks sooooooooooooooo good! and i don’t even think that i could ever type that much about a deep fried candy bar :D

  77. 77
    CD says:

    I make them and use my funnel cake batter to fry them. I live in Alabama (U.S.) and sell them for $1.50 and I can’t make enough of them.

  78. 78
    JL says:

    At what temperature do you fry them?

  79. 79
    Twizzler says:

    OMG! That sounds sooo good!!!

  80. 80
    Xodblux says:

    Hey, I’ve got an idea that would make the best Deep Fried Snicker ever … Use Snickers with Canada’s famous and delicious “Beaver Tails” or in french “Queues de castor” !!

    That would be awsome!!!

    See the Beaver Tails here :

  81. 81
    Julie says:

    I will be making the fried snickers soon,they sound and look so good! Also if you are going to eat a moon pie,put it in the microwave for a few seconds,expect to get sticky but it sure brings out the marshmallow flavor!

  82. 82
    Nat says:

    I had my first deep fried snickers bar in Las Vegas. It was pretty good. I didn’t know what to expect. Next time I have to try the deep fried twinkies or oreos. If you go to Vegas you find a few deep fried desserts to nicely clog your arteries but it is all good!!

  83. 83
    Jack says:

    thanks for your share, it looks delicious….

  84. 84
    majorshadow says:

    Snickers Jingle Hear it Here>>

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