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Go Suck a Frog

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Go Suck a Frog

General Capital Co. LLC showcased Go Suck A Frog! pops featuring Biker Eddie, Shredder Eddie and DJ Eddie 3D collectible frog characters. These are the first three of 20 frogs to be introduced, according to the company. In orange, strawberry, lemon and lime, they have a SRP of 79 cents.

The edgy candy is intended to appeal to the teen and pre-teen crowd. “It’s a little bit irreverent, but it’s not your parent’s pop,” said Bob Wilkus of World Link Group, which helped develop the product.
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I couldn’t find a picture of the pops themselves anywhere online. For some reason, I get a kick out of rap/hip-hop candy like these, Chronic Candy, and Candy Rapper Kliks.

For a laugh, take a look at the Suck a Frog website:

Presenting the crew of urban, hip hop character icons of Eddie G Frog� and the in-your-face attitude tagger line of Go Suck A Frog�. These licenses are already revolutionizing the candy industry and now are available for new trendy, hip and irreverent products! Whether your biz is snack foods, animation or youth consumer products, let’s rap!

Eddie G. Frog� and Go suck a Frog� have the urban attitude that relates to todays [sic] youth.

“Let’s rap”, wow – too funny! Who writes this stuff? It could be worse….there are other four-letter words that are used after the phrase “Go suck a” that they could have used. I don’t think those words would sell a kids’ lollipop like ‘frog” does though. At least they didn’t call them “suckas”.

DJ Frog

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    go suk
    a frog dat is so hilarious keep it up

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