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Fruity Candy, Candy Fruit

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At what point does fruit become candy? Posted on BoingBoing the other day was this example of fried strawberries at the NC State fair:

Fried Strawberries

This quote from the creator of these concoctions at the fair is too funny:

Vincent Thomas, 49, says he got the idea for fried banana puddin’ bites last year. “I had a vision from God to do the banana,” he said.
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Since I am in NC, I will be attending the NC State Fair soon and I will take lots of pics of any candy I find and do a full writeup for you.

So, back to the question….would you say candy apples and caramel apples count as candy or are they just sugar-coated fruit? Chocolate-covered raisins are candy, right? (Man, I love Raisinettes!) When is candy just fruit? When does fruit become candy? Things that make you say hmmmmmmmmm…………

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    Candy Addict - Deep Fried Snickers says:

    [...] r tried it. They deep fry all kinds of things at the fair: Oreos, Twinkies, Cheeseburgers, strawberries, etc. but, being a Candy Addict, I had to try the deep-fried candy bar. Read on [...]

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