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Klik vs Pez

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Candy Rapper Kliks

I found an interesting candy post over at Mostly Muppet about Klik and Pez:

…Klik may be a cooler mechanism and better quality production, but nothing beats that Pez candy. Smarties, which come with Klik, are nice, but they ain�t Pez…
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I’m not sure about the comparison between Smarties and Pez. Pez is good, but Smarties I can eat by the handful. My vote goes to Smarties. (BTW – read this for a comparison of US/UK Smarties).

The only time I have ever seen Kliks was at my local EBGames where they had the Nintendo ones. Klik also comes in Marvel, American Idol, Popeye, and Hamtaro. They even have Candy Rapper Kliks (get it – candy wrappers?). I MUST own the Candy Rapper Kliks!

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19 Responses to “Klik vs Pez”

  1. 1
    Seth says:

    Thanks for the link love.

    And nothing beats Pez, especially when delivered by the special dispenser.

    I like Smarties, but not coming out of the neck of some doo-dad.

    By the way, how did you find my blog?

  2. 2
    Amber says:

    I noticed in that image it says “Candy Roll” and below it “Bubble Gum Roll.” Does it dispense bubble gum? I would LOVE that! Klik rulz!

  3. 3
    Precious says:

    Klik candy dispensers comes with smarties candies, and also round pieces of gum also, they are a candy and gum dispenser in one.
    KLik candy dispensers are made by Ausome Candies, they are not related to pez at all.
    When you “push” the side lever the candy flicks out at you, the kids and I love it, much funner than Pez.
    Pez company better watch out because Kliks are gaining popularity and they have only been here I believe for 3 or 4 years.
    I sell Klik candy dispensers in my store The Cool One Emporium on ebay along with Pez, and I am getting more sales for Kliks than Pez lately.
    As for taste the gum is my fand my kids favorite we can’t get enough.
    NOW for the good part, DID you know there is already over 39 differemt Klik candy dispensers?? Better get collecting now, old Pez dispensers sells for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, how much will Kliks sell for when there old??

  4. 4
    Precious says:

    3 Betty Boop Kliks featuring different poses,dresses, stem colors, eye views.
    3 KREEPY Klik Kliks featuring Skull,Pumpkin,Mummy.
    3 Nutcracker Kliks.
    3 Popeye Series Kliks featuring Popeye,Brutus,and Olive Oyl.
    3 Rapper Kliks featuring 2 Male teens,1 girl teen.
    3 American Idol Kliks featuring 2 males, 1 female: gossip->”judge replicas”.
    7 Marvel Heros Kliks featuring Storm without blue crown helmet first series,
    Storm wearing blue crown head helmet second series, Hulk light green skin,
    Hulk dark green stem, Wolverine,Spiderman,Captain America(retired).
    1 Fantastic Four Cyclops Kliks, with 3 more rumored to come soon featuring Elastic stretch guy,flames/fire guy,and rock guy.
    2 Teddy Bear Kliks.
    3 Bunny Rabbit Kliks.
    3 Hamatro(Hamster Kliks).
    3 King Kong Kliks.
    3 Other Kliks featuring Mario Brother,Link, and Donkey Kong.
    Well here is a good size list to get you going. I collect Kliks and just love them and the bubblegum they come with.

  5. 5
    Angela says:

    well this finally answered my question. i had gone to one of our thrift stores and town in search of pez dispensers… yes i collect them. and i found a nutcracker that looked similiar to a pez so i had to get… and well it was only 10 cents. and i had no clue what it was. so i searched for a clue by using the patent number and found out what it was and then looked more info up and found this site and explained that it is a smarties candy dispenser. i see alot of people say that pez is better… well i gotta say, the pez dispensers are better. but when it comes to the candy i think smarties win. just because they taste better. other then that, they are both cool.

  6. 6
    oldisnewagain says:

    You babies. Smarties dispensers were around when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s. Kudos to those of you who are just discovering them and the fact that they’re 100x more fun than those silly pez dispensers (which I never even heard of when I was a kid in Texas). And the candy is better too….

  7. 7
    george lyle says:

    I’ve been collecting KLIKS ever since i first saw them. I have 66 different ones to date. There are several variations which makes the hunt for these dispensers very interesting. I doubt that these dispensers will be worth what PEZ are worth (at least in my lifetime). However, i think the KLIKS are well done & quite collectable. I have collected PEZ for over 20 years and though my collection numbers 800 plus, i must say, that if i started collecting 20 years before i started, my collection would be worth considerably more than it is now. There are so many PEZ available now that one could put together a large collection in a short time. Right now i’m collecting the KLIKS and putting PEZ on the “back burner” unless something catches my eye.
    I believe if the KLIK dispensers are produced to where just four to six series are issued per year, more people will find these dispensers a very affordable, new & appealing collectable.

  8. 8
    christine gabor says:

    do you have the fantastic four pez dispenzer from the movie that came out recently,also a superman dispenser, please let me know

  9. 9
    John Gugie says:

    I honestly don’t see why anyone would like eating PEZ candy. It tastes stale, chalky, and much too sweet. No one I know likes it. I love Smarties and always see them in trick or treat bags. I rarely see PEZ handed out. I’ve 500 rolls of PEZ candy from the PEZ I bought the last few years and I can’t give it away. It’s getting too old to eat now and I won’t give it to the animals outside because the PEZ might put them in a sugar-induced coma or leave a bad aftertaste in their mouths, causing them to attack my house to torture me. Plus KLIKs also come with gum. The dispenser feels much more sturdy than PEZ too. I’m starting a KLIK site soon.

  10. 10
    John Gugie says:

    guys, if anyone wants to get together to share KLIK info, please contact me at johngugie at yahoo dot com


  11. 11
    johngugie says:

    To oldisnewagain, I owned a few smarties dispensers. I had Laurel & Hardy, lemon, orange, a grape, a cat, and a few others. I got them in vending machines in early 80s (probably old stock). They were round with tiny heads but same dispensing mechanism. As cool as they were, I couldn’t pass up the $2000 they fetched on ebay a decade ago.I forget the name of the manufacturer now.

  12. 12
    johngugie says:

    ah, totems and yummies.

  13. 13
    Tom Lessnau says:

    I have been collecting Pez for nearly 20 years and find it is becoming increasingly hard to find/afford older Pez. I discovered Klik in a local Walgreens store. I have 64 differnt dispensers with some being variations. I’m looking forward to the new ones which are soon to hit the market as well as finding a couple variations that exist. I also enjoy collecting the “Picture Show” dispensers although I have all that have been made so far. Tom

  14. 14
    karyn m. says:

    I recently rediscovered Kliks. For anyone who hasn’t looked lately, the latest ones on ebay are Fantastic Four and Iron Man. Has anyone seen these or other ones in any stores?

  15. 15
    Ricky Dyson says:

    I have to say I sell both types of dispensers. But I am most proud of my Klik collection. I think I have everyone made to date with the exception of the 1st Cyclops which was rumored only about 200 left the factory. I have a case of bagged Nutcrackers and a couple of sets of Nintendo MIB when Kliks were available in the bags. I also have a Spiderman Gift set number 00 of 20000. I figured I could never have a complete pez collection but feel I can have a complete Klik collection. Hopefully I will acquire a couple of prototypes in the near future. The newest Kliks are the Wildlife Kliks which 3% of the total proceeds go to Wildlife Conservation. I also have most Kliks made available for sale as sets or in Counter Displays.

  16. 16
    josephine says:

    Ricky Dyson what is your website. so i can see your klik collection. I collect both klik and pez always looking foward to increase my collection.

  17. 17
    George Lyle says:

    Well, Here we are again on June 24, 2011 and still talking about Kliks. A sure sign they will be with us for awhile. I have collected Pez, Mini Pez, Kabayas, Nadsat, Kliks and other candy dispensers for the past 25 years and have decided to concentrate in getting all the Klik dispensers made. With a little help from others. If anyone has extra “variations” they wish to swap or sell, please contact me.

  18. 18
    Maribel says:

    Concerned with the way this dispenser is made. My six year old choked on the candy after being dispensed in his mouth. once he pulled the trigger the candy shot straight to the back of his throat. Since then he is not or will never be allowed to eat the candy from dispenser.

  19. 19
    Something about pez says:

    U guys are WEIRD! (except the ones who collect PEZ) i mean seriously i have over 100 pez dispensers right now. some pez dispensers are worth up to $10,000! i mean seriously. but send me a gmail at if u have any questions.
    Pez rulez

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