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Billiard Ball Mints

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Billiard ball Mints

Ragold Confections has introduced Billiard Ball Mints:

Available in peppermint and cinnamon, WPBA Billiard Mints are shaped like miniature 9-balls. They are packed in rectangular tins illustrated to resemble billiards tables.

I was disapponted in these. I was expecting colored balls that look like real miniature pool balls. These are all white and all look like cue balls stamped with a number. What they should have done was color the balls correctly and put a layer of real green felt (or something similar) on the tin. Make each pocket a divot in the tin and include a candy cue stick (like a candy cigarette) and a candy rack so you could actually play a game of pool with them. THAT would be cool. Ragold, I want my cut of the action if you do this! Still, it looks like a good gift for the pool player in your life.

They also have Golf Ball Mints. Those look exactly like I pictured they would.

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One Response to “Billiard Ball Mints”

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    Kevin says:

    you know, this is pretty freakin’ cool. I’ve always wanted to play pool while snacking on some tasty peppermints.

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