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Officials Warn Of Lead Risk In Some Mexican Candy

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…officials are warning parents that some popular Mexican candies, banned in other states because of dangerous lead levels, are being sold in stores in burgeoning Hispanic neighborhoods…Last year, the federal Food and Drug Administration warned that children shouldn’t eat certain candy imported from Mexico because it may be contaminated with small amounts of lead…
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I don’t think I’ve ever had any Mexican candy except that nasty chiclets-type Mexican gum (Canels). Looks like it’s a good thing I don’t eat a lot of Mexican candy.

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3 Responses to “Officials Warn Of Lead Risk In Some Mexican Candy”

  1. 1
    stephanie says:

    is chiclets even mexican? I love mexican candy! its better than any american candy ive ever had.

    RESPONSE: The Mexican gum is called Canels.

  2. 2
    Rosa says:

    if you never had mexican candy, you dont know what you are missing. millions of people including myself eat mexican candy and i believe we are still living and kicking. so dont be so judgemental

  3. 3
    Hobbit says:

    I once had a Mexican candy that was both the best and the worst ive ever tasted,my husband warned me though, so ive only myself to blame. the outside was coated with some lemony/melon type flavored hard candy, then inside, oh my the inside! CHILI POWDER!!! EWWWWWW!!! these candies should be banned ASAP.

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