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Celebrities’ Favorite Candies

CBSNews has an article up that details many Hollywood celebrities’ favorite candies. Here is a snippet: Michael J. Fox – Circus Peanuts Cindy Crawford – Goetze’s Caramels Nick Carter – Sour Gummy Cola Bottles Robin Williams – Bazooka Gum Kelly Ripa – Green Swedish Fish Alan Alda – Black Licorice Bites [Read more] Circus peanuts? […]

Happy Halloween from Candy Addict!

It’s Halloween today – the Candy Addict’s favorite holiday of the year! Happy Halloween to one and all! Be safe, don’t eat TOO much candy, and remember to brush! For your reading enjoyment, here are some recent Halloween posts here at Candy Addict: Ten Things I Hate About Halloween Halloween Candy Haikus Halloween Story: Smarties […]

Let’s Get Fizzical

Jones Soda Company, whom we covered recently with their Candy Corn Soda is bringing us “Jones Soda Flavor Booster Candy” in 2006. The carbonated candy can be eaten solo or can be added to a drink or to water for a flavor burst. They will be available in Green Apple, Fufu Berry, and Berry Lemonade […]

Hershey’s Cherry Kiss Petition

For all of you Candy Addicts out there that love the new Hershey’s Cherry Cordial Kisses like I do, I have created an online petiton asking Hershey’s to keep them coming year-round. If you want to see that happen, go sign the petition now! Let’s see how many signatures we can get! UPDATE: As of […]

Edible Paper and Ink Candy

(Click to enlarge) Candicraft is a new candy from Sherwood Brands. Details here: Amazing Candicraft Pens with fruit-flavored �ink� and edible paper add a whole new twist to �playing with your food.� This tasty new item from Sherwood Brands is packaged in a variety of formats. There is a three-pack of pens with paper; a […]